How can I replace the notebook screen at home?
Replacing a screen at home only takes 15 minutes and 16-20 screws. Anyone who has some experience in fixing electronics can easily handle it.
I was searching for screen using both laptop name and screen type without findings. Is it possible you might have one on stock?
The NotebookScreen webshop is continiously maintained and updated, however there is a chance some displays or laptops are missing. You can contact us with your query over the contact menu.
Currently I have a matte screen in my notebook. Can I replace it with a glossy screen?
Most of the screens have a counterpart with the other finish type. If there is a compatible screen with the other finish type, we will list it as compatible type.
The screen I'm looking for is currently out of stock. How long does it take to get it?
We hold the most of the screens on stock, however there is a chance we temporally run out of stock. In this scenario, you can still place an order at our store, and will serve your need in a few days.
I'm looking for a higher resolution screen for my notebook. Can I have such?
Most of the laptops are built with one screen resolution and such upgrade is not possible. The highest resolution mostly depends on the LCD ribbon cable, and sometimes replacement for higher resolution will require ribbon cable replacement. We would advise to contact us or someone with experience before the purchase.

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